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Child Physicals Specialist

EC Primary Care Physicians

Board Certified Primary Care Practitioners & Board Certified Pediatrician located in Columbia, MD

Even if perfectly healthy, regular physical exams are important for infants, children, and adults alike. At EC Primary Care Physicians, PA, in Columbia, Maryland, Nadeem Hashmi, MD, offers child physicals at every stage of growth. To find out how often to bring your child in for a physical, or to schedule your child’s next annual or school physical, call EC Primary Care Physicians, PA, or book online today.

Child Physicals Q & A

What are child physicals?

A child physical is a routine visit to your family’s pediatrician to check in on your child’s growth, development, and general health. Just like annual physicals for adults, child physicals evaluate many organs, systems, and functions. Bringing your child in for regular physicals helps you track different parts of their health and observe changes as they grow.

Your child doesn’t have to be sick or have symptoms in order to come in for a child physical at EC Primary Care Physicians, PA. The team encourages you to bring your child in annually for a child physical or more than once a year for various other purposes. 

Which types of child physicals are available?

At EC Primary Care Physicians, PA, Dr. Hashmi and the team conduct child physicals for several different purposes. If you have a child in your care that is under 18 years old and over three years old, you can book the following types of child physical for them:

Annual physicals

Also called a well-child exam, an annual physical is a yearly visit that you should book for your child each year at any level of health. In addition to examining your child and updating their medical records, Dr. Hashmi might update your child’s vaccinations. 

School physicals

School physicals are physical exams that schools require for enrollment or affiliated sports programs. Dr. Hashmi makes sure your child is healthy enough to participate. While they’re similar to annual exams, a school physical shouldn’t replace your child’s annual physical. 

From birth until three years old, your child requires more frequent visits than just once a year.

What happens during a child’s physical?

Each of your child’s physical exams involves a series of steps and minor tests to evaluate their health, behavior, and development. The steps vary slightly based on your child’s age and any unique needs they have. With the first visit happening within 3-5 days of your child’s birth, you visit regularly thereafter. At three years, they begin coming in annually. 

Dr. Hashmi asks about your child’s diet, sleep schedule, school performance, and other information pertinent to their lifestyle. He also reviews their medical history. Generally, child physical examinations include:

  • Height measurement
  • Weight measurement
  • Vitals check (heart rate, blood pressure, temperature)
  • Hearing test
  • Vision test
  • Ear, nose, and throat check
  • Palpations to check organs
  • Vaccinations, if needed
  • Mental health screenings for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, etc., if needed

Throughout the exam, Dr. Hashmi can answer your questions related to your child’s health and lifestyle. He can also give you recommendations and advice that may help improve your child’s well-being. 

Child physicals are an important part of preventive care and a great way to track your child’s development. To book your child’s next physical exam, call EC Primary Care Physicians, PA, or schedule online today.