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Adult Physicals Specialist

EC Primary Care Physicians

Board Certified Primary Care Practitioners & Board Certified Pediatrician located in Columbia, MD

Only 62% of adults get annual physicals despite 92% considering them to be important. At EC Primary Care Physicians, PA, in Columbia, Maryland, Nadeem Hashmi, MD, and the team provide adult physicals to those over 18 who wish to prioritize preventive care. To schedule your next adult physical, call EC Primary Care Physicians, PA, today or book online at your convenience.

Adult Physicals Q & A

What are adult physicals?

Adult physicals are examinations that you should schedule with your primary care provider at least once a year or whenever you want or require more information about your overall health. During an adult physical, Dr. Hashmi checks your ears, nose, throat, skin, reflexes, and other organs or functions.

At EC Primary Care Physicians, PA, your provider starts your adult physical appointment by reviewing your medical history and updating it with any new, relevant information. They may ask questions about your current habits in relation to your health and wellness.

Your physician then performs a physical exam and might include other components in your visit, like immunization updates, screening tests, and gender-specific tests like a Pap smear or prostate check. They might also order blood tests to measure your cholesterol or blood sugar or to check for signs of chronic disease. These visits vary based on your age and your current health. 

What should I expect during an adult physical?

Each time you visit EC Primary Care Physicians, PA, for an adult physical, you can expect a series of simple, noninvasive tests and measurements. After your provider takes your medical history and asks questions about your sexual health, smoking habits, diet, and exercise, they check your:

Vital signs

Your vital signs include your pulse, respiration rate, blood pressure, and temperature.

General appearance

Just by looking you over and interacting with you, your provider can gather lots of information. They make sure your skin looks healthy and that there are no immediately obvious signs of compromised health. 

Heart and lungs

Using a stethoscope, your doctor listens to your heart and lungs for unusual sounds. 

Head and neck

Your provider uses tools to check your ears, nose, throat, and eyes. They also check the lymph nodes on your neck for swelling. 


Your physician palpates or presses on your abdomen to feel certain organs.

Your physical exam also includes a neurological component to check your balance and reflexes. Then, your provider tells you if you need additional services like a screening test, immunization update, or gender-specific test. 

What are the benefits of getting annual adult physicals?

If you get adult physicals, they might be the only time during the year that you see a doctor at all if you’re generally in good health. However, no matter how healthy you feel, you should keep up on these visits for a few beneficial reasons. 

Benefits of fitting in a yearly visit to your doctor for an adult physical include:

  • Tracking and identifying changes in your health
  • Receiving professional answers to your questions about health and wellness
  • Getting advice to reduce your risk for disease
  • Building a close relationship with your primary care provider
  • Identifying early signs of disease that you might not notice on your own
  • Keeping your vaccines updated
  • Managing your medications on time

No matter the results of your physical exam, your provider discusses them with you in detail. They might recommend further testing, like blood tests or imaging tests, if they suspect something but don’t yet have enough information to make a diagnosis.

To schedule your next adult physical with EC Primary Care Physicians, PA, call the office or book online today.